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Dental crowns provide a protective cover for damaged teeth, restoring their original shape and function, and enhancing aesthetics. They are perfect for teeth that have suffered decay, breakage, or to anchor a dental bridge securely.


Bridges adeptly fill the gaps left by missing teeth, using crowns on either side for support. Not only do they restore your smile, but they also maintain the natural shape of your face and distribute bite forces evenly.

Dental Implant

A modern solution for missing teeth, dental implants offer a stable and permanent base for replacement crowns, feeling and looking like natural teeth. They stand out for their durability and the ability to preserve overall oral health.


Dentures offer a removable option to replace missing teeth, customized to fit comfortably and look natural. They help in chewing and speaking clearly, and also support facial muscles, enhancing your overall appearance.

Restorative Dentistry

Discover the benefits of lasting dental health at Gandara Dental. Whether you need crowns, dental bridges, root canals, dentures, or any sort of dental extractions our specialists are ready to help at our Kendale lakes location.


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Endodontic Retreatment



Dental Implants

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